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Joint Agreements July 1 - September 30, 2007

During this disclosure period, Employment and Social Development has financially participated to grant and contribution agreements administered by the following federal departments/agencies:

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Recipient Name Location Date Value
AERIC Inc. Ottawa, ON 2007-07-31 $203,245.00
Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society Edmonton, AB 2007-07-10 $195,200.00
Apparel Human Resources Council/Conseil des ressources humaines de l'industrie du vêtement Montréal, QC 2007-08-03 $500,000.00
Association of B.C. Forest Professionals Vancouver, BC 2007-09-21 $134,510.00
Association of Canadian Community Colleges Ottawa, ON 2007-08-30 $849,795.00
BioTalent Canada Ottawa, ON 2007-07-11 $1,706,102.00
Canada Career Consortium Ottawa, ON 2007-09-25 $105,337.00
Canadian Association of Food Banks Toronto, ON 2007-07-26 $48,480.00
Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists Ottawa, ON 2007-08-01 $459,745.00
Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists Ottawa, ON 2007-08-23 $138,638.00
Canadian Council of the Blind Ottawa, ON 2007-08-20 $79,635.00
Canadian Dental Assistants Association Ottawa, ON 2007-09-10 $33,970.00
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Mississauga, ON 2007-07-09 $207,014.00
Canadian Mental Health Association Swan Valley Branch Swan River, MB 2007-08-06 $27,150.00
Canadian National Institute for the Blind Toronto, ON 2007-09-04 $69,463.00
Canadian Plastics Sector Council Ottawa, ON 2007-09-17 $249,907.00
Centre de réadaption Lisette-Dupras Montréal, QC 2007-07-13 $200,000.00
City of Greater Sudburry Toronto, ON 2007-08-13 $31,900.00
Coalition francophone pour l'alphabetisation et la formation de base en Ontario Vanier, ON 2007-07-24 $150,000.00
Commission canadienne pour l'UNESCO (CCU) Ottawa, ON 2007-07-31 $245,000.00
Communautique Montréal, QC 2007-08-02 $428,203.00
DAWN Canada Disabled Women s Network Canada Montréal, QC 2007-09-11 $80,000.00
Edmonton Housing Trust Fund Edmonton, AB 2007-08-07 $62,921.00
Edmonton Mennonite Centre For Newcomers Edmonton, AB 2007-08-24 $135,840.00
Forest Products Association of Canada Ottawa, ON 2007-09-26 $257,523.00
Government of British Columbia Victoria, BC 2007-07-19 $8,169,752.00
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's, NL 2007-08-31 $2,586,697.00
Government of Saskatchewan Regina, SK 2007-07-11 $401,038.00
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada Ottawa, ON 2007-09-12 $97,940.00
Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick Ltd. Fredericton, NB 2007-08-07 $57,000.00
Mining Industry Human Resources Council Kanata, ON 2007-07-30 $900,000.00
National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) Ottawa, ON 2007-08-31 $146,320.00
Norquest College Edmonton, AB 2007-08-24 $41,815.00
Northern Territories Federation of Labour Yellowknife, NWT 2007-08-01 $79,058.00
Nunavut Department of Education Iqaluit, NU 2007-07-09 $660,894.00
P.E.I. Transition House Association Charlottetown, PEI 2007-07-30 $28,302.00
Saint Mary's University Halifax, NS 2007-08-17 $172,841.00
Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Regina, SK 2007-08-30 $2,884,235.00
Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission Regina, SK 2007-07-03 $374,900.00
Saskatcoon Housing Initiative Saskatoon, SK 2007-08-29 $51,500.00
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg Inc. Winnipeg, MB 2007-07-26 $28,800.00
Tetra Society of North America Vancouver, BC 2007-08-31 $56,445.00
Textiles Human Resources Council Ottawa, ON 2007-08-20 $389,265.00
The Alliance of Sector Councils Ottawa, ON 2007-07-11 $54,028.00
The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work Toronto, ON 2007-08-17 $91,900.00
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia Halifax, NS 2007-07-26 $30,000.00
University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON 2007-08-30 $306,038.00
Workplace Education Manitoba Steering Committee Winnipeg, MB 2007-08-31 $738,960.00
Workplace Education Manitoba Steering Committee Winnipeg, MB 2007-07-10 $164,194.00
YWCA of/du Canada Toronto, ON 2007-08-02 $55,486.00
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